Business Ethics

Marketing Ethics

Principles of Marketing

Marketing Management

Marketing Research

Marketing Channels of Distribution

Strategic Marketing

Seminar in Marketing

Consumer Behavior (previously assisted on)

Integrated Marketing Communications (previously assisted on)

International Marketing (previously assisted on)

Constructed and introduced a new course on Business and Marketing Ethics taught under the Special Topics in Management course (STRA 730 MBA program).

Course was quite successful based on student feedback/e-mails. There is ongoing demand for opening up the course to external corporates.

Introduced an online marketing strategy simulation game as part of the MRKT II course (INSEAD DIG Simulation)

Organized an online training by INSEAD to the course TAs on 3-3-2015. The experience was very helpful for both staff and students.

Peer reviewed teaching philosophy and objectives as well as two course outlines (Marketing Two and Marketing Channels) as part of the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Outstanding Teacher Award/Competition – did not win but had very positive feedback.

Peer reviewed Business Ethics course outline also as part of the Page Prize international competition and discussed course with Mary Gentile (GVV program founder and senior scholar at Babson, US).

Till 2013, acted as Head of MRKT Department where my responsibilities included aligning course outlines with international standards, and setting department overall mission, learning objectives, and a well-balanced curriculum (see department website on http://mgt.guc.edu.eg/marketing/index.html).

Trained Consumer Behavior TAs on how to understand and implement Transformative Consumer Research concept (TCR) in the course discussions.

I also suggested the introduction of CSR and Non-Profit Management Internships for MGT students since last year. Learning objectives were set for such internships as discussed in meetings with faculty dean and with the SCAD. Cooperation is ongoing with the German Ahk where 2 marketing undergrad students were sent on such internships. The German Ahk CSR committee board already approved the proposal to support CSR internship opportunities for GUC MGT students.

Coordinating Industry Outreach Projects, student internship opportunities, as well as various seminars in cooperation with leading companies in the field of marketing including Synovate, Savola, Google, Unilever, IMS, iWebalize, Orascom, AAIB, Quick-Wins, AC-Nielsen, the Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Center (ECRC), Gfk Research, Misr El-Kheir (MEK) NGO, and the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB).

Lead winning student teams in “Prospects for Improvement of Basic Education in Egypt” competition project (2010),  New Cairo Club (NCC), Unilever Idea Trophy Competition (2011 – 2 winning groups – 2nd and 3rd places – across all Egyptian Universities) and IRAM Jewelry student Marketing Competitions 2011 (2 winning senior student groups for the NCC; L.E. 5,000 each)

Organized the Undergraduate Management Research Conference where the best students compete on presenting their bachelor theses (First Prize sponsored by Savola: $1,000; Second and Third Runners-Up sponsored by P&G: $500 and $200 respectively).

Various administrative tasks including book ordering and database needs related to my department as well as the faculty.

Bachelor Theses Supervision (my undergraduate students presented at local and international conferences, including EURECA 2010 and 2011 at AUC, as well as Southampton University conference on Higher Education Marketing 2010, UK).

Master Theses Supervision (M.Sc. & MBA)

Ph.D. Theses Supervision – 2 Ph.D. students defended, and 5 others in process

External Examiner

Initiated the Hult International social entrepreneurship Prize competition and the Hult @ program at GUC (in cooperation with colleagues from Strategy and Innovation departments)

Organized the “Henkel-GUC Low-Income Consumer Research” competition in the context of the Marketing Research course (Winter 2015).

Advised undergraduate students for development of new student bodies in general and as part of the Social Marketing campaigns they developed for the Marketing Management course. Additionally, a student video competition sponsored by Emerald and the Business and Society Research Cluster (BSRC) is in place.

Organized class competitions based on course projects and awarded internships in industry based on cooperation with top companies in marketing including Unilever, Savola, IMS Consulting, Kinsey-McAllen, Vodafone, Orascom, Google, iWebalize, and Quick-Wins Consulting.

Mentored the best undergraduate Marketing major students for participation in the Google International Marketing competition using AdWords (Students received Certificates of Participation and worked closely with Google Country Manager in Egypt – students have reached the rank of “strong campaigns” and “semi-finalists” in 2014 Google Online Marketing Challenge).

Organized with a teaching assistant (whom I chose as internal mentor) an Orientation Session to new GUC participants in the Google Int’l MRKT Competition 2010 (1-2 groups enroll per year).

Actively provided advice on Marketing and Business Plan development, Business Ethics, etc as needed in coordination with student bodies at the university (such as SIFE-GUC; see http://www.ethicsbasedmarketing.net/sife.html).

Solicited student articles for my web project on Ethics and Marketing that is cited by the American Marketing Association as one of the ethical institutes worldwide (www.ethicsbasedmarketing.net).